Maximum Deposit Account Balance
  • 28 Apr 2021
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Maximum Deposit Account Balance

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Article Summary

Defining a maximum balance for deposit accounts allows you to create an account balance limit, above which Mambu will not allow a client to post further deposits. You can use this to protect your organization against money laundering based on the information gathered during Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks. As the maximum balance can differ depending on the assessed risk level, you can define this parameter on an account level.

Define maximum balance

You can define maxDepositBalance on account creation as well as modify maxDepositBalance for existing accounts via API. Below you will find API endpoints, with a JSON excerpt:

POST /deposits
PATCH /deposits/{depositAccountId} 
PUT /deposits/{depositAccountId} 

"internalControls": {
    "maxDepositBalance": 25000.00

For more information, see the API Documentation related to deposit accounts.

Please Note

When you change the maximum account balance, Mambu will log this action as savings account activity with an old and new value.

Transactions checked against maximum balance

Maximum deposit account balance will be checked if you post the following transaction types:

  • Deposit
  • Transfer
  • Disbursement from a loan account
  • Authorization hold with positive value and advice=false
  • Settlement of authorization hold with positive value and advice=false

Mambu does not check the maximum balance when posting:

  • Withdrawal adjustment
  • Fee adjustment
  • Interest adjustment (when overdraft interest is adjusted)
  • Transfer adjustment
  • Bulk deposit
  • Positive balance interest application
  • Positive authorization hold and its settlement when advice=true
  • Increase or decrease of the positive authorization hold
When the balance is exceeded:
  • UI error: The balance of the account may not go beyond the maximum deposit balance
Please Note

The Maximum Deposit balance feature does not support the Funding Account product type. If you need to set the maximum balance for this product type, please contact Mambu Support.

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