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Recent Feature Highlights

Documentation Changelog
    We have added a page where you will be able to find a log of major changes to our documentation, this includes new pages and sections, restructuring and deprecations. We hope that this helps our readers stay abreast of the continuous changes and improvements to our documentation sites.
Configuration as Code
    We are rolling out functionality to allow many aspects of Mambu to be managed using APIs and configuration files, this makes it easier to quickly set up new tenants and transfer settings between production and sandbox instances. Check this section regularly for updates.
Mambu Functions
    Mambu Functions help you enhance your financial products by injecting custom code to extend the functionality of the Mambu composable banking platform.

You can find comprehensive release notes on our dedicated Community Page

Our comprehensive documentation for all users of Mambu, with a particular focus on the UI.

In-depth information about Mambu's comprehensive suite of APIs and customizable webhooks.

Our newest documentation site, a single page reference with updated information about version 2.0 of our API.

Come join the discussion in the Mambu Community! Users and Mambuvians post questions and participate in discussion together.

A comprehensive list of upcoming (and previous) backwards compatibility changes.

Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO) is the the API-driven alternative to traditional business process management systems.