Mambu User Guide
  • 15 Nov 2023
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Mambu User Guide

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Mambu is the core engine of a cloud-based composable banking architecture that enables the use of best-for-purpose technologies to offer modern lending and banking services. Our full suite of deposit and lending products along with our comprehensive APIs, ledger service, and third-party integration products allow for fast, flexible implementation that can help you speed up your go-to-market strategy and rapidly scale to keep pace in today’s changing market.

Using Mambu

As a Mambu user, there are three main ways to interact with our service: using the Mambu UI, with our APIs, and by using the Mambu Ecosystem.

Mambu UI

The Mambu UI is our core banking user interface, accessible through your browser. It is used to set up, administer, configure, and access your organization, branches, clients, Mambu users, financial products and services, and more.

You can log into the Mambu UI at the following URLs:

  • Production:
  • Sandbox:

For more information on setting up and configuring your sandbox, see Sandbox.

This User Guide covers how to work with the Mambu UI. For more information, see Mambu User Guide below.

Mambu APIs

Mambu offers a full suite of RESTful APIs to provide programmatic access to our banking software. Mambu APIs allow users to perform many tasks, including:

  • create clients, loan accounts, or savings accounts
  • make transactions
  • manage system configuration
  • set up branches
  • configure interest rates
  • manage API keys, user roles, and access permissions
  • and much, much more

Our primary API documentation for the Mambu v1 and v2, Payments, Mambu Functions, and Streaming APIs may be found on our API Reference. There, you will find complete reference material including authentication and request format information, endpoints, field descriptions, example requests and responses, and general help on requirements and conventions.

Some operations allow or require action from both the Mambu UI and our APIs. For example, complete setup and configuration of API keys for authentication involves steps in both the Mambu UI and via the API v2. In these cases, you will find information on these features in both the Mambu User Guide and the API Reference.

Mambu ecosystem

The Mambu Ecosystem extends Mambu core banking by providing an independent enterprise orchestration layer, the Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO), to facilitate your interactions with any number of third-party services.

We provide a large and growing number of connectors, which you can drop into MPO and configure to easily manage interactions with third-party providers of services such as payment processing, anti-money laundering, loan origination, Know Your Customer, and more.

For more information, see our Ecosystem Documentation.

Mambu user guide

This guide provides a detailed overview of how to administer, manage, and run your organization and financial services with Mambu. Special attention is given in this guide to the Mambu UI, but we sometimes cover conceptual topics related to working with Mambu programmatically, using our APIs. Many of the conceptual topics relevant to developing against Mambu are included in our Developer section.

The User Guide also covers additional services such as the Mambu Payment Gateway (MPG).

Documentation changelog

To stay up-to-date on major changes to our technical documentation, have a look at our Documentation Changelog.

Release notes

Want to know more about what we're working on?

Have a look at the latest features we've included on our latest releases by joining the Mambu Community.

Technical Success Packages

For certain contracts concluded before 2021, capabilities and features may be limited by Technical Success Packages:

  • Standard Technical Success Package: All standard features.
  • Premium Technical Success Package: All standard features, Audit Trail, and Configuration as Code (CasC).
  • Enterprise Technical Success Package: All standard features, all Premium features, Streaming API, and the Mambu Process Orchestrator (MPO).

Couldn't find what you need?

Try the Mambu Community where you can post questions and participate in discussions with us and with other users.

We 're also constantly adding articles and improving our User Guide. Please contact us through Mambu Support if you have any questions about this content and to help us identify any missing topics.

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