Using Mambu Support - Tools and Process
  • Updated on 09 May 2019
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Using Mambu Support - Tools and Process

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This is article is intended to be an easy guideline on how to use the resources available to your organization, as a Mambu customer.

Support Resources

As we are continuously improving our documentation, you will find that most questions can be answered by making a quick search in our User Guide or Developer Guide. If you still need some help, please feel free to use the community for getting a quick answer or contact us via our Support Team.

When and how to contact Support

If you did not find a quick answer in the User Guide or Community, if you found something that doesn’t look right, if you encountered an error, or just want to suggest an improvement, you can:

  • Email us directly:
  • Within the App: Click Help > Email Support on the navigation bar

Help navigation with Email Support and Help docs buttons

Please Note
When an unexpected error occurs, an error report form will let you send us an email along with data from the system. Please add some details about what you were doing to help in diagnosis.

How to write to Support

  • If possible, write an email subject that indicates the contents of the email, this can help triaging the incoming cases, searching for old cases, or reviewing your case history when a new case comes in. Leaving the subject blank or writing “question” should be avoided.

  • State briefly the context of your motivation to write, e.g. “we are trying to create a new loan product”, “we have a problem with one of our accounts”, “we want to know how to use the Customer Portal”.

  • Clearly define what you want us to help you with, so your expectations are clear to us.

  • Last, but not least: please provide as much information as possible about your inquiry, for example account IDs, transaction IDs, Product IDs, screenshots and anything that you think might help us understand your issue.

What happens next?

After writing to support, the following process is followed:

  • You will get an auto-acknowledgment email confirming reception of your inquiry and your case ticket number for future reference. If you do not receive this email within 10 minutes of sending your inquiry, please resend your request.

  • As soon as possible, one of our agents will review your case and get back to you, most likely with the response of your inquiry or asking for more information required to solve it. Depending on the case there might be need for tech involvement, we will let you know if that is the case. If the case requires it, we might want to set up call via GoToMeeting or telephone.

  • There might be some ongoing communication regarding a case, so you can always reply to our emails in the same thread to continue the conversation about a particular case, please don’t send a separate new email if you are referring to an already existing case. Whenever you have a new question in mind about a different topic please send a separate email. This way we can keep every question under track.

  • Once we have solved your case and given you a response we will wait a few days in case you are not satisfied or want to get back at us regarding the case, after that we will send you an email to let you know it will be marked as solved.

Enable Mambu Support Access

To solve many of your issues, we need access to your Mambu system. In order to grant us clearance, you have to activate the Mambu Support user. This can be done via the Mambu web app by navigating to Administration > Users & Permissions, and toggling the button at the bottom of the page.

Administration > Access > Users screen showing Mambu Support Access toggle

V9 Mambu Support Authentication Improvements
We have improved the Mambu Support by integrating our internal IdP for user management and authentication. As we’ve integrated a third party IdP, once this is launched with V9, we will Disable Support Access for all of our tenants. When you need help from our support team, please make sure you go and enable Support Access from the existing toggle, as this will mean you are giving us the permission to access your environment, in read-only, via Mambu IdP.

To respect client privacy standards and data integrity, the Mambu Support Users will only have Read access.

If you need more assistance or for one of our support team members to help you out with Administrative settings, please create a new user for them, and grant only the necessary permissions.

Please make sure that once the intervention is done, you deactivate the user, as needed.

Mambu Support Role Permissions

With V9, the Mambu Support Access is controlled by a Role.

The Mambu Support Role is visible under Administration>Access>Roles and can modified by an Administrator, with the limits of giving full read-only permissions to this role.

By default, the Mambu Support Role has all Read Permissions enabled. If you would like to limit the entities on which our support team can have read permissions, you can edit the Role and remove the view permissions as needed. When a new Read permission is added, you will be able to decide if you want to enable that permission to the Mambu Support Role as well.

In addition, as we currently do not support granular Admin Permissions, we have added a new permission that is available for the Mambu Support Role only: View Administration Details. This will allow Mambu Support users to navigate through the Administration module and assist you with the given issue without being able to make any actual changes.

Edit Mambu Support Role - View Administrations Detail Permission.png

Mambu Support Access - a glimpse into the future
In a follow-up major release, we will be able to provide more visibility on what actions a Mambu Support user does, as we are currenly implementing a full audit capability. In addition, we will also add the ability for you to see which Mambu Support users have access to your platform, by ticking a box similar to the 'Show Inactive Users'. The Mambu Support Users will be displayed with aliases by default, but when needed, we will have the ability to match the alias to the Mambu Support user who helped out with your case.
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