Mambu Tips and Tricks
  • 28 Apr 2022
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Mambu Tips and Tricks

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This article describes various useful shortcuts and optimizations that can improve your experience using Mambu.

Search box shortcuts

You can use shortcuts in the search box to find clients, groups, centres, branches, and users. You can search for the full name, or by entering the initials, in any order. For example, to find the following user:

Field Description
First Name Fryderyk
Last Name Kovats

You may enter F K or K F in the search box.

If the target of your search has more than one word in a single name field, such as the following user:

Field Description
First Name Anna
Middle Name Andrea Cristina
Last Name Del Hacienda

You can search with initials in two ways:

  • Enter only first letter of each entire field, or A A D in this example.
  • Enter two or more letters for words in the name field, or A An Cr D Ha in this example.

 search with letter specified

Searching for A A C D H would not work.

The same rules apply to clients, groups, branches, and centres with multiple words in their names. For example, to find the group Platinum Tier Members, you could search for platinum or p, but not for p t or p t m.

Shortcut for entering thousands or millions

You can use K or M to enter large numbers more easily in all amount fields in Mambu.

  • Use K to enter thousands (example: type 1K instead of 1000)
  • Use M to enter millions (example: type 5M instead of 5000000)

Apply repayment screen with Amount, Currency, Value Date and Channel

Display more results in a list

You can edit the number of items displayed on a page or in a custom view by selecting the Show dropdown in the top right corner in the respective page, as shown below.

Pagination with number of issues to show

Deactivating and reactivating a fee on products

You can deactivate or reactivate a fee by clicking on the small green dot, which turns grey when deactivated.

Fee activation - deactivation button

Multiple item selection

On the All Clients and All Groups page, you can use the checkboxes next to the items in the list to reassign multiple clients or groups to other branches, centres, or credit officers.

To select multiple consecutive items in the list, you can select the first item you would like to include in your selection and, while pressing and holding Shift on your keyboard, select the last item of the desired range. To deselect, just press and hold Shift and click the first item again.

Once your selection is ready, to reassign multiple clients or groups select Actions > Reassign.

All Clients with clients selected

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