Structuring your Organization's Branches and Centres
  • 03 Jan 2019
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Structuring your Organization's Branches and Centres

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Creating Branches

The term branch is the default label in Mambu for an internal organisation's subdivision, it can be a physical place where services are provided to clients, a business unit or any other way in which an organisation can be organised into. The label to refer to branches can be adjusted to reflect the nature of the division employed by each organisation.

Branches allow the assignment of staff members and clients, allowing specific branch-level reporting, accounting is also branch - centred.

To create a new branch:

  1. Go to Administration
  2. Click on Organization > Branches > New Branch
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Create Branch
Please Note
Branches cannot be deleted, if a branch was created by mistake it can either be renamed to be reused or you can contact our support team to help with deletion.

Setting Holidays for Branches

Branch-specific holidays allow granular holiday management, these work in conjunction with general holidays with loan schedules of clients belonging to each branch.

To set up branch-specific holidays:

  1. Go to Administration > Organization > Branches
  2. Click on Actions
  3. Set Holidays
  4. Add Holiday
  5. Enter description, date and recurring status
  6. Click Add
  7. Save Changes

Editing a branch

To make any changes in your organization's branches:

  1. Go to Administration > Organization >
  2. Click on Actions > Edit >
  3. Make the changes > Save

Creating Centres

Centres are a subdivision of branches, meaning that each branch can have a number of centres that are associated with them. Only clients or groups can be assigned to branches,  however, users cannot be assigned to centres, only to their corresponding branch.

Centres can also be reported on, however, there is no specific centre-level accounting

To create a new centre:

  1. Go to Administration
  2. Click on Organization > Centres > New Centre
  3. Fill the form
  4. Click Create Centre

Deactivating Branches and Centres

Branches and Centres can be deactivated from Administration, by clicking Actions and then Deactivate on the respective Branch or Centre. They can be deactivated even if active accounts are still associated with the respective branch or centre and this is useful, for example, as it doesn't allow associating a client to the respective deactivated branch or centre anymore.

Deactivating or reactivating a Branch or a Centre can be performed only by users with "Edit Branch" and/or "Edit Centre" permissions.

Deactivated branches / centres can be visually identified by a "deactivated" marker after the name of the Branch/Centre across Mambu and this means you can still make searches or pull reports for the deactivated object.

Branches view, where all branches activated and deactivated are displayed.

Please Note
A Branch cannot be deactivated if it has active Centres.

Centre's Meeting Day

If your credit officers visit the clients weekly and on a specific day to collect repayments, defining that day will ensure that when creating new accounts for those clients. Mambu will reschedule automatically the first repayment to the next possible day according to the settings in the relevant field for Centre's Meeting Day.

Please Note
The centre's meeting day is primarily used for weekly schedules, in which the due dates always fall on a certain day of the week.
Please be Aware
If you are using a monthly schedule with all repayments falling on the same day of the week you can change the product's settings to a repayment frequency of 4 weeks to reflect that.

View Organizational Structure

To see the list of all of your organization's branches, centers, and users go to the Organization tab.

Click on a specific branch  to see its General information, comments and a list of activities associated to it.

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