Software Requirements
  • 23 May 2023
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Software Requirements

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The following tools are required on the local machine to start creating Jasper reports for Mambu.

Jaspersoft Studio

Jaspersoft Studio is a report designer provided by Jaspersoft. It is the the tool used to create all custom reports uploaded to Mambu. You may choose to use the commercial or community version of the software.

Please be Aware

For full library support with our integration, we recommend you use the latest version of Jaspersoft Studio. For more information, see Jaspersoft Studio Releases on the Jaspersoft Community website.

MySQL Community Server 8.0


You must only update your MySQL server if the Mambu team has informed you that your tenant has been upgraded to MySQL 8.0, but you are still using MySQL 5.7 locally. Updating before we have upgraded your tenant may lead to problems.

All report templates must be built using the Mambu Database Schema, which can be easily imported into the MySQL server. For full compatibility with our integration, we recommend the MySQL Community Server 8.0 version. During the installation process a username and password is required. Make sure these are stored for later use in the Data Adapter setup.

JDBC Driver for MySQL (MySQL Connector/J)

A software library used to manage the connection between Jaspersoft Studio and the MySQL database.

Please Note
The JDBC driver should just be referred to while setting up the Data Adapter from Jaspersoft Studio; it doesn't have an actual installation process.

MySQL Workbench is an easy-to-use tool to import and manage databases on MySQL servers. It can be used in the initial phase of creating a report, when designing the structure of the query for data extraction.

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