SMS Gateway Setup
  • Updated on 10 Dec 2018
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SMS Gateway Setup

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Mambu supports full integration with both Twilio and Infobip as SMS providers, which allows you to create an account with any of them and start sending manual and automated SMS to your clients.

The rates of these 2 providers differ depending on which country you're in, so we advise checking with both of them before deciding.

Create a Twilio or Infobip Account


To create a Twilio account, all you need is to go to their website at  and click the Get Started button .

You can then follow the 3 steps required to setup your twilio account:

  1. Enter your personal details

  2. Add a phone number

  3. Enable Permissions to SMS to your country of choice (image below)


After setting up your account in Twilio, you need to enter that information into Mambu as described below.

Please be Aware
Twilio trial accounts have restrictions, an important one is that while on trial it can only send SMS notifications to numbers previously authenticated on their admin panel. For more info please go to


Similarly to Twilio, Infobip also allows you to register a phone number for sending and receiving SMS.

If you choose to work with Infobip, the first step will be to register at

Enter your Credentials in Mambu

After registering with Twilio or Infobip, you will need to enter your credentials in Mambu before you're ready to start sending SMS.

To enter your Twilio or Infobip credentials in Mambu, go to Administration > SMS > Settings > select Twilio or Infobip as your SMS gateway, enter your Account SID, Auth Token and Phone number > Save Changes.


The SMS service is now activated and you can start sending messages to your clients.

To activate automatic notifications, check the box next to the SMS gateway menu.
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