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Securities Settings

  • Updated on 04 Jan 2019
  • 1 minute to read


In order to make the "Securities" module available at loan account level, it has to be enabled at the loan product level.
Mambu supports two types of securities which you can choose from, based on your operational requirements:

  • Enable Guarantors - will make the "Guarantors" section available for loan accounts in this product
  • Enable Collateral  - will make the "Collateral Assets" section available for loan accounts in this product

Securities settings with Enable Guarantors and Enable Collateral options.

To learn more details about how different securities can be tracked for loan accounts please read Loan Securities - Guarantors and Collateral Assets.

Required Securities Validation

With this option, you can define a % of the loan amount that has to be covered by securities (both guarantors and collateral assets).
This coverage % is validated at loan approval and loan disbursement and takes into account ALL securities added for the loan - i.e. it sums up all the amounts of either guarantees or collateral, then validates the loan amount % coverage. If the loan amount has insufficient coverage (less that the % defined in the product settings), it will not be possible to approve the account.

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