Savings Products API
  • Updated on 22 Nov 2019
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Savings Products API

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Allows you to retrieve one individual savings product by id/key or a list of paginated savings products.



GET Savings Products

Allows retrieving savings products directly by ID/key or through paginating the list of savings products.

Usage examples

Get savings product using id

GET /api/savingsproducts/DSP

Get savings product using encoded key

GET /api/savingsproducts/8a2bbaab4700677d01470095fc5d0492

Get a list of savings products using default pagination

GET /api/savingsproducts

Get a list of savings products using custom pagination

GET /api/savingsproducts?offset=50&limit=100`

Sample response

Sample response of a savings product fetched by id/key

    "encodedKey": "8a808766658b40c201658b40c22f0000",
    "id": "dep457",
    "name": "***Overdraft dep457",
    "creationDate": "2018-08-30T14:33:22+0000",
    "lastModifiedDate": "2018-08-30T14:33:22+0000",
    "forGroups": true,
    "forIndividuals": true,
    "forAllBranches": true,
    "productType": "CURRENT_ACCOUNT",
    "interestPaidIntoAccount": true,
    "interestRateSettings": {
        "encodedKey": "8a808766658b40c201658b40c22f0002",
        "interestChargeFrequency": "ANNUALIZED",
        "interestChargeFrequencyCount": 1,
        "interestRateSource": "FIXED_INTEREST_RATE",
        "interestRateTerms": "FIXED",
        "interestRateTiers": [],
        "accrueInterestAfterMaturity": false
    "interestCalculationBalance": "AVERAGE",
    "activated": true,
    "interestPaymentPoint": "FIRST_DAY_OF_MONTH",
    "collectInterestWhenLocked": true,
    "minOpeningBalance": "0",
    "overdraftInterestRateSettings": {
        "encodedKey": "8a808766658b40c201658b40c22f0001",
        "interestChargeFrequency": "ANNUALIZED",
        "interestChargeFrequencyCount": 1,
        "interestRateSource": "FIXED_INTEREST_RATE",
        "interestRateTerms": "FIXED",
        "interestRateTiers": [],
        "accrueInterestAfterMaturity": false
    "overdraftDaysInYear": "ACTUAL_365_FIXED",
    "interestDaysInYear": "ACTUAL_365_FIXED",
    "maxOverdraftLimit": "1000",
    "allowOverdraft": true,
    "allowTechnicalOverdraft": false,
    "maturityPeriodUnit": "MONTHS",
    "description": "",
    "savingsFees": [],
    "allowArbitraryFees": false,
    "idGeneratorType": "RANDOM_PATTERN",
    "idPattern": "@@@@###",
    "accountingMethod": "NONE",
    "savingsProductRules": [],
    "interestAccruedAccountingMethod": "NONE",
    "allowOffset": false,
    "withholdingTaxEnabled": false,
    "lineOfCreditRequirement": "OPTIONAL",
    "templates": [],
    "currencies": [
            "code": "USD",
            "name": "United States dollar",
            "symbol": "$",
            "digitsAfterDecimal": 2,
            "currencySymbolPosition": "BEFORE_NUMBER",
            "isBaseCurrency": true,
            "creationDate": "2017-07-03T14:18:25+0000",
            "lastModifiedDate": "2017-07-03T14:18:25+0000"
    "availableProductBranches": []

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