Posting Transactions with Custom Fields
  • 26 Jun 2023
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Posting Transactions with Custom Fields

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Article Summary

There are two categories of transactions in Mambu:

  • Transactions made through transaction channels
  • Transactions made without using transaction channels

For more information on what transaction channels are and which transactions are posted through them, see Transaction Channels.

All transactions made through transaction channels can have custom field values assigned to them.

For transactions made without using transaction channels, only transfers support having custom field values assigned to them.

Custom fields are additional fields you can create to capture any additional information required for your business processes. For more information, see Custom Fields.

Managing custom field values

Entering information in custom field definitions

You may enter custom field values when posting transactions, provided you have the appropriate access rights for the custom field definitions. For more information, see Custom Fields - Rights section.

Disbursing a Loan using Bank Channel

Editing custom field values

To edit custom field values, you must have the Edit Loan Transactions (EDIT_LOAN_TRANSACTIONS) and Edit Deposit Transactions (EDIT_SAVINGS_TRANSACTIONS) permissions. Mambu will log activities for any changes made on existing transactions.

To edit custom field values on an account:

  1. Open the account where you want to edit custom field values.
  2. Go to the Transactions tab.
  3. Select View on the transaction you want to edit.
  4. Select Edit next to the custom field value you want to change.
  5. Select Check Mark to save.

Loan Transaction - Transaction Details

Custom field definitions for transfers

To make transfer custom field definitions, under Administration > Fields, select Transaction by Type. For more information, see Custom Fields.

When a transfer is made from a source account to a target account, two transactions will be logged, one in the source account and one in the target account. However, the transfer custom field values will only be available on the source account transaction.

Transaction custom field definitions for custom views and filtering

Transaction custom field definitions can also be included as columns or filter constraints in:

  • Transactions custom views
  • Deposits collections
  • Repayment collections

For more information, see Custom Views.

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