Navigating in the Mambu UI
  • 30 Jan 2023
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Navigating in the Mambu UI

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When you first log in to the Mambu UI, you will land on a customizable dashboard composed of different widgets. For more information, see Dashboard.

To navigate through the Mambu UI, you can use:

Please be Aware

The information you are able to view while you navigate through Mambu depends on your access settings. For more information, see Understanding Users, Roles, and Permissions.

Top bar

Top bar of Mambu

Organization name

The name of your organization is the first item you see on the top left-hand corner of the top bar. To define it, go to Administration > General Setup > Organization Details > Institution Name.

Organization name that will be customized for each tenant

Branch filter

If you have permission to access more than one branch, you will have access to the branch filter. Select a branch to display any branch-specific information. For more information on branches, see Branches and Centres.

Branch dropdown, where all defined branches of the organization can be found

View menu

The View menu allows you to create a temporary custom view using a quick lookup. Custom views are a tool to generate reports on the fly and to easily retrieve filtered lists of information. For more information, see Custom Views.

The View menu and the list of entities

Create menu

Create button and list of entities

The Create menu gives you access to creation forms. The default options are Client, Group, Loan Account, Deposit Account, and User. Note that you must have the appropriate relevant permissions to view these options.

When you create additional client and group types, those will also be included as options in the list. For more information, see Client Types and Group Types.

Search box

The search box allows you to search for clients, groups, users, branches, and centres either by their name or ID. You may also search for clients by entering the first characters of the ID of one of their identification documents.

You can also use the search box to find shortcuts to create new clients, loans, and savings accounts.

To run a search, start typing the name or number associated with the entity or shortcut you're looking for, and you will see an auto-complete list of matching results.

To use the search box either select it or use the shortcut Alt-Space.

For more information on shortcuts available in the search box, see Search box shortcuts.


You will see a small gray or green box to the right of the search box - this is the tasks icon. If you have no open tasks assigned, the square will be grey and contain the number 0. Otherwise, the square is green and shows the number of open tasks you have assigned.

You can view the tasks due, add new tasks, and assign them to other users. It also allows you to view a list of all your tasks. For more information, see Communicating with other users.

Task area, where the tasks of the user that is logged in can be found

User settings

Select your name to view a dropdown list of options.

User Settings navigation with View your profile, Edit your profile, My Views and Logout options

View Your Profile

Select View Your Profile to navigate to your profile page. This option is is only accessible if you have any of the following permissions:

  • View User Details (VIEW_USER_DETAILS)
  • Create Users (CREATE_USER)
  • Edit Users (EDIT_USER)
  • Delete Users (DELETE_USER)

Edit Your Profile

Select Edit Your Profile to open the Edit User dialog. This option is only accessible if you have any of the following permissions:

  • View User Details (VIEW_USER_DETAILS)
  • Create Users (CREATE_USER)
  • Edit Users (EDIT_USER)

My Views

Select My Views to navigate to the Manage My Views page, where you can manage and create menu items and custom views. For more information, see Menu Items and Custom Views.


Select this option to log out of Mambu.


Help navigation

Help is a quick access point for support resources.

Hide Help removes contextual tooltips that are available throughout the Mambu application.

Customer Service Portal is a self-service portal, for more information, see Customer Service Portal

Go To Help Docs goes to our site through which you may access our support documentation.

Web Form for support cases is an online contact form. For more information, see Web form for support cases.

The navigation bar displays menu items. There are two categories of menu items, menu items with views and menu items without views.

The menu items without views are Dashboard, Products, Reporting, Accounting, and Administration, these are predefined and all users have access to them.

Menu items with views have custom views attached to them. There are predefined menu items with views and you can also create additional menu items with views. For more information on creating and customizing menu items, see Menu Items and for more information about creating and managing custom views, see Custom Views.

The menu items with views that you are able to view will depend on your permissions. For more information on the necessary permissions for each menu item and custom view type, see Menu item types and permissions.

Navigation bar with menu items

The Mambu UI includes many links you can use to directly access user profiles, client profiles, loan accounts, and savings accounts, or to perform some operations such as entering repayments or editing client profiles.

You can easily identify links in Mambu by their blue color.

Mambu links can ease the way of navigating through the app

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