MySQL 8.0 Update
  • 23 May 2023
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MySQL 8.0 Update

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You may update Jasper reports while your tenant is still on MySQL 5.7. However, you must only implement the MySQL updates if the Mambu team has informed you that your tenant has been upgraded to MySQL 8.0.

MySQL Updates

Mambu has migrated from using MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0. In order to avoid experiencing issues with your existing Jasper Reports, you must update your MySQL version. For more information about upgrading your MySQL version, see MySQL 8.0 - Upgrading MySQL on the MySQL website.

We advise that you check that you're using an updated version of the connector. To download the latest version of the connector, go to MySQL Community Downloads on the MySQL website.

Moreover, you may need to redo the steps to create a connection between Jaspersoft Studio and your MySQL server. For more information, see Data Adapter.

Updating Jasper reports

To prepare for the MySQL version update from 5.7 to 8.0, you must update your Jasper reports. You may do this while you're still using MySQL 5.7. For more information on how to test your updates, see Testing Jasper report updates.

Below is a list of changes to consider:

  • GROUPS and ROWS are now keywords and cannot be used as aliases anymore. For a complete list of keywords, see Keywords and Reserved Words on the MySQL website. We recommend you apply this change as soon as possible and test your Jasper report updates.
  • The Group by {column} [ASC|DESC] statement is no longer supported, queries should be refactored to use the GROUP BY {column} ORDER BY {column} [ASC|DESC] statement instead. For more information, see SQL Incompatible Changes on the MySQL website.
  • In MySQL 5.7 when using the CAST(“string” as DATETIME) function, the timezone offset was ignored while in MySQL 8.0 the timezone offset is taken into account. For more information, see Support for Date-Time Types in Connector/J 8.0 on the MySQL website.
  • If your ORDER BY clause sorts the results based on a column or combination of columns that don't guarantee uniqueness, rows with the same values in the specified columns may appear in a different relative order between MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0.

Testing Jasper report updates

If you're updating your Jasper reports in preparation for the MySQL 8.0 update and you want to test that all the queries work properly then you may clone your database and migrate the cloned database to MySQL 8.0. This will then allow you to test all your queries on the cloned data.

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