Managing Users and Permissions
  • Updated on 04 Jan 2019
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Managing Users and Permissions

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Different user groups (roles) profiles can be created to easily manage and assign permissions to Mambu users according to their position/role in the organisation.

By managing permissions each user will only have access to the information that is relevant for their required activities in Mambu.

For example, a Credit Officer might be able to create a new loan account (application) for a client, but only the Branch Manager would have the permissions to approve or reject the loan application. Other users might only be allowed to view reports, but not post any data in the system.

In such cases, options like managing clients, accounts and administration tasks won't be visible, or the access to these actions will be denied to those users who do not have permission to perform them.

Please Note
Mambu will track all the activities performed by all types of users, regardless of what set of permissions they have.

User Roles

An user role stores a set of permissions and access rights for users, those permissions are applied to any users that belong to the role.

Create Role view from where the name of the role, rights and permissions are set.

  • Whenever the role is updated, any users assigned to it will have their permissions updated as well.

  • The permissions for any user which is assigned to a role cannot be modified directly from the user edit screen, that can only be done unless the user has no role assigned.

  • An user that is not an administrator can be granted certain administrator rights to manage branches, centres, notifications and reports without being a full-featured super administrator. You can add such permissions under the Permissions section.

To create User Roles as Administrator:

  1. Go to Administration > Users.
  2. Select the Roles tab.
  3. Click on Add Role.
  4. Select the Role Name, User Rights, and Permissions.
  5. Save the Changes.
Please Note
For a complete list of currently available user permissions (with detailed notes explaining what each permission applies to) please download the User Permissions Reference File

Additional Permissions

There are certain actions that an user can perform in Mambu that do not have a specific permission in place for them, they depend upon other permissions or types of user.

  • Only Administrator users can Create Views which are available for other users.
  • Only the user who created a task can edit it.
  • For Transfer transactions , users need to also have Repayment or Deposit permission (depending if the transfer has as a target a repayment in a loan account or a deposit on a savings account).
  • For Rescheduling , users also need the “Create Loan” permission.
  • To Revert a certain type of transaction , besides the "Apply Loan/Deposit product adjustments", the user requires the permission to post that type of transaction i.e. to revert a repayment, the user must have the "Enter repayment" permission as well.
  • To Change the Loan's Account Branch a new "Manage Loan Association" permission was added, which will be by default disabled. Without this permission the Branch box from Create Loan Account form and Edit Loan Account form will be in read-only and the branch change will not be allowed.

Deactivating Users

Users who will no longer access Mambu (for instance, when they leave the organization) can be deactivated, so that they are not able to login to Mambu. This will also ensure that no clients, branches or tasks can be assigned to them anymore.

To deactivate a user:

  1. Click on Actions > Deactivate
  2. Confirm the deactivation

User deactivation and the related pop-ul that is displayed

If the user is a credit officer with any groups or clients associated, Mambu will give you a warning message and prevent the deactivation. In this case, you need to reassign the user's clients and groups to another user before deactivating the user.

You can read how to reassign several clients and groups to another user at Assigning Clients to Credit Officers & Branches.

To Reactivate a User:

Click Actions -> Activate and the user will be able to access Mambu again.

Please be Aware
Users will also be deactivated when there is an excessive number of incorrect login attempts. Administrators can reactivate these users using the instructions above.

Deleting Users

Users can only be deleted if they have no clients, groups or transactions associated to them, if deletion is not possible because of this, deactivating the user instead is recommended.

To delete a user:

  1. Go to Administration
  2. Click Users and Permissions > More Actions (next to the user you want to delete)
  3. Delete
  4. Confirm

Mambu Support Access

This permission is required to allow Mambu's support team to be able to log into an  account to help with any support case.

To enable/disable Mambu Support Access:

  1. Go to Administration.
  2. Click Users and Permissions.
  3. Select Users tab.
  4. Click on Mambu Support Access at the bottom of the page (green if enabled, gray if disabled).

Mambu Support Access permission is required to allow Mambu's support team to be able to log into an account in order to support a case.

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