Managing Tills (Tellering widget)
  • 04 Jan 2019
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Managing Tills (Tellering widget)

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Managing the Tills is possible through the “TELLERS” module, accessible from the Dashboard. Actions available depend on the Vault Teller User’s permissions and may include:

1) Opening a Till

With this permission a Teller (for example, Vault or Supervisor) can open New Tills for other Tellers. This option is available from the bottom-right corner of the “Tellers” widget on the Mambu Dashboard, as highlighted on the screenshot below.

Teller widget with Open Till button

When opening a Till, the below information needs to be filled out:

Till ID: each newly opened Till will be given a unique ID by Mambu according to a predefined format: @@@### (3 letters followed by 3 numbers). The ID can be overwritten, as long as the format is kept.

Teller: a User to whom the Till will be assigned. User available from the drop-down will only be the ones of “Teller” User Right Type.

Opening Amount: opening balance of the new Till (can be zero).

Balance Constraint Type: allows to specify a Minimum and Maximum Balance thresholds for the amount of money in the Till. This is calculated as the sum of the Opening Amount and all transactions posted through the Till. These thresholds can be enforced in the following ways:

  • None - no limits on the balance

  • Soft - if a new transaction posted brings the balance in the Till beyond the specified thresholds, then the Teller will get a warning message, but the transaction will still be posted

  • Hard -  if a new transaction posted brings the balance in the Till beyond the specified thresholds, the Teller will get an error message and it will not be possible to post the transaction

Open till pop-up with ID, Teller, Opening Amount, Balance Constraint Type, Minimum Balance, Maximum Balance

Please Note
Each Teller can be assigned to only one open Till at any given time.

2) Undo Open Till

If a Till was opened by mistake and no transactions have been processed through the Till yet, Opening of the Till can be Undone. As a result, the Till will be deleted.

3) Adding/removing cash to/from a Till

In order to manage the cash balance within a TIll, cash can be added or removed. This is available under the Actions > Add Cash / Remove Cash.

Please be Aware
Neither transaction log nor accounting entries will be created when adding or removing cash to/from a Till.

4) Viewing a Till’s details

Allows to View a log of all transactions posted through a given Till, together with the opening and closing balances. This is available under Actions > View Till.

5) Close Till

This action closes a Till, and as a result no new transactions can be posted through a closed Till. This function is available under Actions > Close Till as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Actions button from Tellers widget with Close Till option.

A new window will be opened showing the opening and the closing balance (“Cash in Till”) details along with its transaction log to confirm the closure and help with any reconciliations.

Close Till screen with Cash in Till fields and Transactions Log section.

Once a Till is closed, it will no longer appear in the “Tellers” widget unless the “Show Closed Till” checkbox is ticked on.

Once a Till is closed, transactions processed through that Till can’t be reversed. (see more details below how to proceed if you need to make corrections to transactions in a closed Till)

6) Re-opening a Till

Closed tills can be re-opened under Actions > Reopen Till.

When a Till is re-opened it will have the same balance constraints as when it was originally created and the “Reopening Amount” will be the “Cash in Till” balance when it was previously closed.

From system perspective, a re-opened till is effectively a NEW till, but with the same ID as the old till. Therefore, you will not be allowed to make any corrections of past transactions in a re-opened till. In case any corrections (reversals) are needed, the closure of the previous till needs to be undone (please see “Corrections and adjustments” section for more details).

For the above reasons, we do not recommend using the “Re-Open Till” functionality. Instead, “Undo Closure” is preferable, since it has the same effect as Re-Open Till, but with the added advantage that it allows you to reverse transactions and therefore effectively and fully work again with the previously closed Till.

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