Mambu Status
  • 21 Mar 2023
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Mambu Status

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status page header with green "All Systems Operational" status bar and blue "subscribe to updates" button

Our status page provides you with real-time status updates for all of our multi-tenant production and sandbox servers. You will also find information about upcoming maintenance and releases, active and historical incidents, and can access our latency and availability reports.

Please be Aware
If your organization has a dedicated environment, Mambu has provided you with an individual status page. Please contact us through Mambu Support for any questions about your status page.

Subscribe to Updates

Subscribe to updates button with webhook option displayed

Click Subscribe to Updates to receive updates from our status page.
Updates are available in the following formats:

FormatUpdate types
EmailCreate/Update/Resolve incident
SMSCreate/Resolve incident
WebhooksCreate/Update/Resolve incident, Change component status
RSS/Atom feedCreate/Update/Resolve incident, Change component status

Availability Reports

Last 30 days availability report

Availability reports are available for the past 30 days and for the current year.

/healthcheck endpoint

The /healthcheck endpoint is a convenient way to manually or automatically check the status of a specific Mambu server. If the Mambu server is available, it will return response code 200 together with the message OK. You can enter the URL into a web browser or call the API endpoint using your tool of choice.

Tenant URL and endpoint




Response CodeTextDescription
200OKServer is functioning properly
500Internal Server ErrorServer is not available

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