Language Settings
  • 13 Sep 2022
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Language Settings

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Mambu display language

The Mambu display language determines the language settings for the UI.

If you have federated authentication enabled, then you must set the display language in your identity provider (IdP). We recommend consulting the documentation of your IdP for exact steps on how to do this.

If you use Mambu login, then you set your display language when you create a user account. For more information, see Creating a user.

To change your Mambu display language if you use Mambu login:

  1. Navigate to your name > Edit your profile on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. In the User Access section, under Mambu Display Language, choose your desired language from the dropdown list.
  3. Select Save User.
  4. Log out and then log back in to update the display language for the UI in the new language.

Screen capture of available display languages.

We currently support Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and many more languages. If you would like us to consider adding support for a new language, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss your requirements.

Users configured to see non-English languages may notice on the navigation bar that some of the menu items and their respective views are still in English. That is because they are configurable.

The Manage my views screen with the edit button highlighted where you can change the language of your parent menu item but also of its views

For more information, see Editing menu items and Editing a saved custom view.

Labels language configuration

If you set a user profile to use a non-English language, terms that are defined by labels are not automatically translated. You may edit them to match your Mambu display language.

Labels screen with the language and edit buttons highlighted

For more information, see Editing labels.

Custom fields

Custom fields are additional fields you can create in Mambu in order to capture any additional information required for your business processes. Custom fields are not translated automatically when users change their display language, but they may be edited for your entire organization to match the most commonly-used display language. For more information, see Custom Fields.

Client preferred language

When you create clients, you can set their preferred language so that the reports, schedules, and account statements you generate for them will be in their language. Their default preferred language is the Mambu display language, but you may change it to any of the available languages.

Create a client form with preferred language highlighted

For more information, see Creating an individual client.

Send notifications in different languages

When communicating with your clients, you can have different language versions of your messages.

For more information, see Templates in different languages.

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