Mambu Apps Basics
  • 21 Feb 2022
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Mambu Apps Basics

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Mambu Apps allow you to extend your capabilities by integrating your own applications directly into the Mambu UI within an embedded iframe.

Once defined and installed, a Mambu App is a selectable frame in the Mambu UI that renders your externally-hosted application. In this context, an application is a platform or application outside of the Mambu UI that securely communicates with the Mambu App.

The Mambu App is defined by a short XML file that provides basic information about the application, such as the URL, as well as specifying where it will be displayed in the Mambu UI. Mambu Apps can be displayed in a variety of ways - for example, they can be integrated into client profiles or within individual accounts, and they can be included as selectable tabs under the Clients, Branches, or Deposit Account.

A screen capture of a Mambu App in practice

Integration through iframes

Mambu Apps give you a canvas to integrate your applications within an embedded iframe. You can create, run, and maintain your application separately from Mambu, using any platform or programming language. Mambu Apps are defined using an XML file, which describes the layout and extension points of the App. To install a Mambu app, you simply load the XML file into the Mambu UI.

Please Note

Apps securely communicate using a private secret key as well as API credentials. You always remain in control of the application and you can disable or uninstall it at any time.

Uses Cases for Mambu Apps

Mambu Apps cover a wide range of possible use cases, including the following real-world applications:

  • Credit Scoring: Access your client's credit information from third-party providers when viewing their profile in the Mambu UI.
  • Mobile Money: Integrate the reporting and analytics of a mobile money provider within Mambu.
  • Regulatory Reporting: Create tools for generating and automatically submitting regulatory reports.
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending: Integrate P2P services with other financial products and services that you offer.
  • Insurance Products: Offer clients insurance products alongside the rest of your financial products. A Mambu App can be used to connect to insurance providers, with a fully automated data flow.
  • Social and Health Services: NGOs who also provide social and health services can develop apps to give them a single view of their clients and the services they use.
  • Human Resources: Create apps to manage and grow staff numbers by including automated commissions and managing calendars within the UI.

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