Ideas and Feature Planning (Aha!)
  • 30 Jul 2020
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Ideas and Feature Planning (Aha!)

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Ideas portal (Aha!)

At Mambu we use Aha! to give an overview of what we're working on and to gather feedback in the form of ideas.

We highly encourage you to visit our ideas portal: to browse through the existing ideas and vote for the ones that are of interest to you. This helps our product team as they periodically review ideas and (based on interest and applicability) promote some to features and add them to our development plans.

Raising an idea

If you'd like to raise your own idea, we recommend discussing it with your implementation lead or with Mambu Support. They will review the requirements with you, analyse any potential gaps and research alternative solutions. They can also help make sure the final submission contains all the information our Product team needs to effectively integrate your idea into the development roadmap.

Tracking ideas

Ideas portal

When you sign up for an account with our Aha! ideas portal, you will be able to view all the ideas you've raised, voted on, or subscribed to. You will also receive notifications via email when the status of these ideas changes.


Your MyMambu admin page provides a more centralised way to keep track of all ideas anyone from your organisation is interested in. When you raise or express interest in following a certain idea / feature implementation, we add an internal "tag" so it appears in your MyMambu account. You will be able to view the planning/development status (see details below) and (if complete) the version of Mambu in which the resulting feature was released. See more details related to MyMambu here.

Requesting a customer tag

You can request a tag from your implementation lead, via Mambu Support, or by contacting your Relationship Manager.

Feature planning stages

1. Current

All features in the current lane are in the development process and should be released in the current quarter.

2. Next

Features in the next lane are already analysed and are to undergo development within the upcoming quarter, as soon as features from Current lane are done.

3. Future

The future lane holds features that we plan to work on, but we do not have any certainity about when we will be able to release them. Considering the large time span, their priority may be subject to change.

4. Candidates

Here we hold all features which Mambu is considering to develop in the next period, once the items which are planned for the next and future term are addressed.

5. Backlog

​Under Backlog we hold all the features which we are considering for development but which are not planned or analysed in detail yet.

Please Note
Once a feature is developed, it may take additional time to reach production as we might release it to a limited number of customers initially for testing.

Aha! feature statuses

Aha! features follow a certain workflow and depending on the action which was taken on the feature, the status will change accordingly. The following statuses are used for Mambu features:

Status Description
Under Consideration The product team is considering doing the feature in that release, but no commitment is taken.
Drafting The product team is at the design stage, requirements elicitation and defining with internal and external stakeholders.
Requirements Done All requirements are defined, design is ready and JIRA issues are raised.
In Development Development is in progress for the respective feature.
Ready to Ship Feature has been developed and is ready to be shipped to Production, awaiting either regression testing or is currently on Sandbox.
Shipped Feature has been shipped to Production.
Will not implement State used for features that were promoted from ideas (or created as features directly) which were considered in the past, but which are no longer considered for implementation.
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