Getting Support
  • 13 Oct 2023
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Getting Support

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Never send login credentials, API keys, or other confidential information through unencrypted email. Never post this information to any public forum such as Mambu Community or Stack Overflow.

For details on how to safely share sensitive information with Mambu, see Sending Secure Information.

General Support

Customer Service Portal

You can raise support cases in the Customer Service Portal that can be accessed at For more information, see Customer Service Portal - Raising a support case. This is our preferred channel of communication.

If you need to request new users for the Customer Service Portal, see Customer Service Portal - Managing Users for more information.

Web Form for Support Cases

You can also get in touch with our support team by submiting a support case using our Web Form for Support Cases that can be accessed at

Enter all the required information and select Submit.

Mambu Community

Mambu Community is a place for Mambu employees, customers, and partners to share experiences, give feedback and advice, and get up-to-date information on relevant topics. It is also where you can read all our release notes.

Mambu Status

You can check the status of our service, subscribe to updates, and view reports at the Mambu Status.

Error Reports

Error reports are created when an unexpected error occurs in your system. You will be asked to fill out the error report form which will be submitted to us by email and which will have system data and error logs attached to it. Please add replication steps to the form to help us with the diagnosis.

Granting access to your account with the Mambu Support user

To solve some issues, we may need access to your Mambu system to view your configuration and replicate errors. To grant us this access, you must activate the Mambu Support user. This user is deactivated by default.

The Mambu Support user has read access only. In other words, the user can only view your system to identify potential problems and cannot make any changes.

To activate the Mambu Support user, enable the Mambu Support Access toggle. The Mambu Support user is automatically disabled after five days of inactivity. That is, if no Mambu Support user logs in for five days after it is enabled, or five days after its last access, the Mambu Support Access toggle is automatically disabled.

To enable the Mambu Support Access toggle:

Set the Mambu Support Access toggle

  1. On the main menu, go to Administration > Access > Users.
  2. Turn on the Mambu Support Access toggle.
  3. If your Mambu instance is running and you are in the onboarding process, you can set the Mambu Delivery Access toggle on or off and set a deactivation date of a maximum of 90 days. Mambu Delivery Access will be automatically disabled on the set date. You can always edit or re-activate this feature, as long as you are still in the delivery process.
    Set delivery access deactivation date

Access Policy

We will only access your environment if you have explicitly requested that we do so, usually by contacting support and raising a support ticket. When we log in, we will inform you that we are doing so.

Mambu Support role permissions

The type of view permissions that the Mambu Support user has are controlled by a role called Mambu Support. By default the role has all view permissions enabled.

To edit the Mambu Support role permissions:

  1. On the main menu, go to Administration > Access > Roles.
  2. Got to the Mambu Support role and select Actions > Edit.
  3. In the Editing Role Mambu Support dialog, under the Permissions section, choose the view permissions you would like the Mambu Support role to have.
  4. Select Save Changes.

Editing Role Mambu Support dialog

Federated Authentication Certificate Expiry

The Mambu Support user uses federated authentication (FA) to login. To be able to login with FA you need to have an active certificate fingerprint. The expiry date for the certificate fingerprint is displayed next to the Mambu Support Access toggle in the DD/MM/YYYY format. The certificate will not automatically renew and extension to its validity date needs to be explicitly requested. To renew this certificate, contact our support team and we will assist you in this process.

Mambu Delivery users while onboarding

During the onboarding process, our customer support team may use Mambu Delivery user accounts to assist you in setting up your Mambu instances. Mambu Delivery users are user accounts that have the Mambu Delivery role assigned to them. This role has all permissions enabled by default, but they can be edited. For more information on modifying user permissions, see Understanding Users, Roles and Permissions.

The Mambu Delivery users are only able to access your instances as long as the Mambu Delivery Access toggle is enabled. This toggle is visible and automatically enabled when you begin the onboarding process and then it is disabled and removed from the UI once you complete the onboarding process. To view the Mambu Delivery Access toggle while it is available, on the main menu go to Administration > Access > Users.


While the toggle is available you can view the Mambu Delivery role in your roles list as well as the Mambu Delivery users with their email and name in your users list. Once the toggle is removed, the role and all users assigned with the role are removed. However, all events that occured while they were active are tracked by our Audit Trail capability.

If you require any support after the delivery process is complete, then Mambu Support users may assist you. For more information, see Granting access to your account with the Mambu Support User.

Capturing Network Traffic

For some kinds of problems, it can be very helpful to capture network traffic to include in your support case. You can do so with an HTTP proxy such as charles, if your internal security policies allow, or by using some browsers.

To capture network traffic with Google Chrome:

  1. Open the Mambu UI in a new window.
  2. Right click on the browser window and click Inspect or press the F12 key to open the developer tools.
  3. In the developer tools, go to the Network tab.
  4. Reproduce the issue that you are contacting support about.
  5. Once the issue is reproduced, there will be a list of calls/events. Wait a while until all the calls/events are listed.
  6. Select all the calls/events and right click to bring up the context menu.
  7. Select Save all as HAR with content in the menu.
  8. Share the HAR file with us for further investigation.

For more information, see Inspect network activity in the Chrome Developers documentation.


For answers to many commonly-asked questions, be sure to start by checking our comprehensive documentation.

User Guide

The User Guide is the site, with comprehensive documentation about Mambu’s products, with a particular focus on the UI.

API Reference

The API Reference is the site, containing all the information required to work with Mambu's APIs.

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