Editing a Loan Account
  • 30 Aug 2020
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Editing a Loan Account

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Editing a loan

Loan accounts can only be fully edited while they are still pending approval. After they have been approved, it is only possible to edit a Loan account's name, branch, notes, and custom fields (but not the loan term, such amount, interest, disbursement date, etc.

To edit a loan account:

  • Select the loan account you want to edit
  • Click on More > Edit Account
  • Make the changes
  • Save

More button drop-down menu with Edit Account option selected

Editing an account's name, branch, notes and custom fields

You can change a loan account's name, notes or custom fields at any point and regardless of the account's state.

Rename Loan Account (Open Loan Account > Click on More > Click on** Edit Account**)

Change Display Name from Editing Loan Account.

Change the account's branch (Open the Loan Account > Click on More > Click on Edit Account)

Screenshot 2018-12-27 at 14.12.08.png

Edit notes and Custom fields (Open the Loan Account  > Click on More > Click on Edit Account)

Account Notes section with notes text area and text editor options.

Please Note
For more details about the Association section, please see Creating a New Loan.

Add custom fields (Open the Loan Account > Click on More > Click on Add Field)

Add field options from More drop-down menu

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