Deposit Account Overview Details
  • 26 Jan 2023
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Deposit Account Overview Details

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Balance information can be retrieved from a deposit account via API v2 by using the Deposit Accounts - getById endpoint. The same information is also available in the UI account overview, under Details.

Overview of a deposit account with information about balance, overdraft and so on

BalanceDescriptionProduct Type AvailabilityNotes
Total BalanceThe balance based on all the completed financial transactions booked to the Ledger.AllIf positive, it represents the total balance owed by the client, or the liability. If negative, it represents the total receivable from the customer, such as the overdraft balance.
Available BalanceTotal Balance + Available Overdraft Limit - Current Authorization Holds Balance - Blocked Balance - Locked BalanceAllThe balance created by subtracting completed financial transactions as well as for transactions to be potentially settled in the future from the total balance.
Available Overdraft LimitOverdraft Limit - Overdraft Amount DueCurrent AccountsAmount from the overdraft limit that has not been used yet and is included in the available balance.
Holds BalanceThe total amount of authorization requests, before they are settled or expired.Current AccountsWhen the hold as parameter value is advice=true, a card hold will be enforced if the balance is insufficient. This will cause the available balance to be negative and the account to go into arrears.
Locked BalanceAmount set up to be used as a guarantee for loans.AllThe locked amount is not available for withdrawal, therefore it is not included in the available balance. When there is a locked balance, the overdraft limit is not taken into consideration. The account acts as if the overdraft has been disabled.
Blocked BalanceAmount which is blocked when there is an ongoing investigation, to be potentially seized in the future.AllThe blocked amount is not available for withdrawal, therefore it is not included in the available balance.
Overdraft Amount DueIt represents the principal amount or the receivable that Mambu uses to calculate overdraft interest.All


Card authorization holds

The card authorization holds are used to verify electronic transactions initiated with a debit or credit card. A current authorization hold amount is therefore the amount awaiting authorization, being as such unavailable for further withdrawals until either the merchant clears or cancels the transaction or the hold expires. For more information, see Card Transactions.

Transaction holds

Transaction holds directly on deposit accounts are used to support Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) instant payment flows, cheque and multicurrency settlements, and other scenarios where a hold needs to be posted prior to an actual transaction. For more information, see the Deposit Accounts - createAuthorizationHolds endpoint in the API Reference.

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