Custom Fields Quota Announcement
  • 04 Mar 2024
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Custom Fields Quota Announcement

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Custom Fields Quota Announcement

Mambu is dedicated to enhancing the performance of our platform to provide an even better experience for our valued customers. As part of this commitment, we are implementing limits to custom fields as a proactive measure that will not only safeguard system performance, but also effectively mitigate the potential risks of overloading it. These changes will ensure a more streamlined user experience.

What are the changes?

A core component of the Mambu platform is the custom fields functionality, which consists of:
Custom field definitions: The field you create, such as 'Country of Residence'
Custom field values: The actual value it holds, such as 'Germany'.

We plan to introduce limits to the number of custom field values that can be linked to an entity. This limitation applies only to the number of custom field values linked to an entity, and not to the number of custom field definitions that can be configured.

The following technical limitation will be applied, per entity, by 30 April 2024:

EntityMaximum linked custom field values
Credit Arrangements200
Deposit Accounts200
Deposit Products200
Loans Accounts200
Transaction by Channel25
Transaction by Type25

What are the actions you need to take?

The entities that already exist in the system will remain as they are and we will continue to support read operations for them. However, you won’t be able to update an entity that has exceeded the limit of custom field values attached to it, unless you remove linked custom field values to go below the limit.

We advise that you re-audit all your entities and remove custom field values where your entities are linked to more than the allowed amount.

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