Communicating with Clients
  • 28 Oct 2021
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Communicating with Clients

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Gone are the days when a bank's clients would think nothing of not hearing from their bank for months on end, putting in the work themselves to balance their chequebooks and begrudgingly standing in line at their local branch in order to have their Pass Book updated with details of the latest transactions. With clients also taking more holidays & business trips, the rise of remote working and an increased environmental awareness leading to a desire to avoid paper-based communications, new messaging channels such as email and SMS are essential tools for creating a well-informed and happy client base.

Mambu believes that pro-active client communication is as core as core banking gets so it is no surprise that we offer bundled tools for both automated and ad-hoc personalised messaging between you and your account holders.

What's more, with our robust webhook solution, you can trigger any external marketing automation suite easily and securely including all required data using placeholders. For more information on this type of notification visit the webhooks documentation in our developer section.

Key Features at a Glance

  • easy setup of Email via SMTP
  • built-in SMS integrations with popular API-based service providers
  • full automation of email and sms using templates, triggers and conditions
  • automate internal communication for example, sending an email to a credit officer to follow up on a loan in arrears
  • rich editor or pure HTML for creating eye-catching emails
  • placeholders for message personalisation
  • integration with 3rd party marketing automation suites via webhooks
  • get documents, templates, message history via API
  • full audit log

Generally SMS messages can be implemented to provide clients with short, timely updates about actions occurring on their accounts. For example, you could set up automated SMS messages when there is a withdrawal leaving the account with a remaining balance under a certain threshold. This would provide account holders with important information about how much money is left on their account and help avoid another trip to the cash machine only to be left disappointed when there isn't enough available balance to keep the night going.

Emails on the other hand, are more suited to providing non-critical updates that does not necessarily need immediate attention but which would be good to have on record. Examples for this include changes to repayment schedules due to pre-payments having been made or an email providing links and information on Deposit Account products for clients who have reached a healthy balance on their current account and could put some of that money to better use in an account paying higher interest.

Whatever your use case, Mambu's targeted, personalised communications modules make it easy to stay in touch with clients securely and at scale.

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