Alpha, Beta, and Early Access
  • 04 Feb 2021
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Alpha, Beta, and Early Access

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The development process for certain major updates in Mambu includes Alpha, Beta, and Early Access releases before the final release, which is generally available for all tenants. If you are interested in trying out new features and providing feedback, we encourage you to contact your Mambu Customer Success Manager to discuss the requirements.

What's an Alpha feature?

An Alpha release is a very early version of the next major update. It may be made available months before the stable release. An Alpha feature means that the functionality is working and has gone through a rigorous quality assurance process but some pieces are missing and a number of known or unknown issues are likely to surface.

The main purpose of an Alpha feature is to allow selected tenants to test the functionality so that feedback can pass to the development team regarding:

  • Bugs found
  • Desired changes
  • Additional functionality that should be developed.

What's a Beta feature?

A Beta release is an early version of the next major update. It follows the alpha release and is typically made available weeks before the final release. In Mambu, a Beta feature is used only in the API context. The functionality has had all major issues fixed and has been rigorously tested for an official release.

The main purpose of a Beta feature is to provide a fully functioning demo of the Alpha feature. This second round of feedback will help the development team to:

  • Make user-led changes to the existing functionality.
  • Capture ideas for additional functionality (that can be implemented at a later date).
  • Resolve any other bugs or performance issues that would prevent the feature from being labelled as Stable.
Please be Aware
For Alpha and Beta features, the API schema is subject to change. There will typically be a post on our Community page announcing the first Beta release.

What's an Early Access feature?

With Early Access, we give you the option to try out new features that are still being refined by our product development teams. This means early access to exciting features that our team is building based directly on your feedback and requests.

It’s important to note that these features are a work-in-progress. They may be incomplete, or may change before being fully released.

What's a Generally Available feature?

When a feature is Generally Available, it means that the functionality has gone through a rigorous quality and security assurance process and that all major issues have been identified and resolved. This means that the functionality is now fully prepared, debugged, and ready to be released to all Mambu tenants.

Please Note
For Generally Available features, the API schema will no longer change without assuring backwards compatibility.

How do we identify the stage of a feature?

You can easily identify what features are currently in Alpha, Beta, or Early Access stages by going to the Administration tab and looking at the list of Available Features on the left-hand side of the screen.

Beta and Early Access feature flags visible in the Administration tab

By default, most new features will be deployed as Generally Available. If the feature is released under the Mambu Feature umbrella, it will be added in the appropriate category of the Administration tab.

Please Note
Alpha, Beta, and Early Access features will be announced in the Release Notes.

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