Node Logic
  • 09 Nov 2018
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Node Logic

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MPO process showing Start and Final nodes and the "add node" menu with logic types

When creating a node in MPO, there are numerous types of logic to choose from. The table below provides a description of each.

Types of Logic

Logic name Description
API Call Performs an external API call with parameters
Call Process Calls a unique process
Code Allows for the realization an additional task processing logic with a programming languages (JavaScript, Erlang)
Condition Determines the routing of an object based on a condition. Possible conditions are: =, !=, <, >, and regex.
Copy task Copies a task in a different process
Delay Sets a time interval (delay), at which task will go further through process, also specified critical amount of tasks in node - task limit
End: Error An end node that contains tasks with process errors.
End: Success An end node that contains successfully processed tasks
Get from Queue Receives tasks from the queue
Modify task Updates a task in a different process
Queue Implements queue logic
Reply to Process Replies to a universal process call
Sum Sum of the amount by a certain task filed
Set Parameter Sets or modifies a parameter value in the task
Set State Implements storage logic and task state distribution
Waiting for Callback Waits for a reply by request from external system
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