Configuring System Options
  • 19 Feb 2024
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Configuring System Options

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Article Summary

To set up system options for all profit-sharing arrangements, navigate to the Configuration > System Options tab. Typically, there is one active System Options configuration listed. After making changes to System Options - the profit calculation process considers the latest modification in the System Options configuration.

  • To create various system options, choose Create System Option.
  • To modify existing options (excluding the Operating branch), click the Actions button, and then select Edit.
  • To modify existing option for the Operating branch, choose Create System Option.
  • To view existing options, click the Actions button, and then select View.
  • To delete existing options, click the Actions button, and then select Delete.

Create System Option

System Options parameters

Effective dateThe date when the change should be implemented.YES
Operating branchThe branch list will be displayed and identifies the specific branch responsible for executing. Setting the branch does not directly impact the branches assigned to customer deposit accounts.YES
Profit period end non-business daySpecifies treatment for the end of a profit period coinciding with a non-business day.YES
Profit calculation balanceIdentifies the specific account balance considered in profit-sharing calculations (Actual Balance, Average Balance, Minimum Balance).YES
Deduct bank profit upfrontIndicates if the bank's profit portion is subtracted upfront in profit-sharing calculations. Note: Default selection is “No”, field cannot be changed in EA.YES
Manual approval requiredSpecifies situations where manual approval by authorised personnel is required for the acceptance of calculated profit amounts.YES
Manual profit application requiredHighlights scenarios requiring manual intervention for the application of calculated profit amounts.YES
IPS AccountsRefers to the specific accounts managed or affected by IPS (GL accounts for Profit suspense and Reverse)YES

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