Business Flows
  • 26 Jun 2020
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Business Flows

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management solution which enables customers to upgrade from their entry-level accounting software to one single, comprehensive solution to manage finances and operations. It helps organisations streamline their processes, improve customer relations and enable growth.

The concept of dimensions has been introduced to enhance the way analysis on the accounting documents is performed. Dimensions are attributes and values that categorize accounting entries, such as branch, client or product.

For each Branch, Loan product, Savings product, Client, Loan account, Savings account in Mambu, a new dimension value must be created in MS Dynamics.
Branches, Loan and Savings products are posted in MS Dynamics as dimensions, automatically, as part of the setup process.

Every time a client, loan account or savings account is created, a new dimension value will be created also in MS Dynamics, containing the details of the specific entity .
 Dimension values

The mapping of terms between the Mambu Journal Entry and MS Dynamics Journal Line is found in the table below.

Mambu Journal Entry MS Dynamics Journal Line
Amount Amount
GL account code Account number
Booking date of the transaction Posting Date
Transaction ID External Document Number
Transaction Type Description

Types of Journal Entries handled by the integration:
I. Automatic Journal entries
   Mambu will automatically log corresponding journal Entries for each transaction posted in a customer account.
   Deposit account transactions that will generate an automatic Journal Entry are: Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfer, Fee Applied, Interest Applied, Write-Off and their Adjustments (Reversals).
   Loan account transactions that will generate an automatic Journal Entry are: Disbursments, Repayments, Interest Applied, Penalty Applied, Fees Applied, Rescheduling, Refinancing, Write-Off and their Adjustments (Reversals).
   In MS Dynamics these accounting entries will have as dimensions: Client, Product, Loan/Deposit Account, Branch information.
II. Manual Journal Entries
   A Manual Journal Entry can be associated with a branch, therefore the Journal Line posted in MS Dynamics will have the dimension value for Branch.
III. Daily/Monthly accruals
   These types of Journal Entries are logged by the cron job and have always attached the Product as dimension value and Branch if the case.

Journal Entries posting flow

Each day, Mambu automatically performs the "cron job" actions to ensure that information is up to date and in accordance with all transactions posted so far.

A new webhook has been set up in Mambu to trigger the MPO processes at the end of the day after the cron job runs. These processes are responsible for posting in MS Dynamics all the journal entries that have been logged in Mambu during the previous day.
Posting JE

Negative flows handling

A. Journal Entries retrieval failure
Journal Entries are retrieved from Mambu through a Search API call (method: POST) configured with Offset and Limit as query parameters, using as custom filter the CREATION_DATE.
In case of an error (regardless of the error type) the following steps are executed:
   1. The API call is retried 3 times;
   2. The Journal Entries queue is emptied;
   3. A task is logged in Mambu to the assigned user;
   4. The error is stored in Main flow errors SD state diagram;
Retrieve JE error

B. Dimension Value association failure
Dimension values are associated, one by one to the Journal Line to be posted in MS Dynamics. In order to obtain the all the necessary dimension values, the following Mambu API calls are used:
    • GET transaction (adds the External Document Number and transaction type to the Journal Line)
    • GET product (dimension value);
    • GET account (dimension value);
    • GET client (dimension value);
    • GET branch (dimension value);
If a dimension value cannot be attached to the Journal Line, a notification is sent to the assigned user, the error is stored in Failed dimensions attachment to JL SD state diagram and the process continues with the next step, i.e attaching the next dimension value. A Journal Line can be posted in MS Dynamics without all the dimensions attached.
Add dimension error

C. Post Journal Line in MS Dynamics fails
The error codes that are handled via a re-try mechanism:
   - Maximum Connections: HTTP response code 429 - Too Many Requests is returned if limits are exceeded.

Environment Limit
Sandbox 300 req/min
Production 600 req/min

   - Operation Timeout: HTTP response code 408 - Request Timeout is returned if limits are excedeed.
   - Service Unavailable: HTTP response code 503
   - Gateway Timeout: HTTP response code 504

Note: The number of retry attemps is configurable. By default, the call is retried 3 times before exiting through the error node.

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