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Importing Your Data

Last Updated: Jan 06, 2017 04:45PM CET



Migrating your clients' data is a crucial step that you need to take before start using Mambu and it should be done after setting up Mambu as described in Steps to Get Started.

Data can be imported for both new and existing customers in a state different to "PENDING

To start importing your clients' data go to Administration > Data Management. It involves four steps:



1 - Create your branches, centres, users, products and custom fields. Before starting the migration you'll first have to create the users and give them the proper permissions to access to Mambu, add your organization's branches and the custom fields which you want to include in the forms and also the products (loan and deposits) you offer.

It's important that you do this in advance so that after importing your data to Mambu all clients and groups are already assigned to branches, centres and credit officers; the custom fields are filled for every client; and the accounts are assigned to their products. Not doing this before importing the data will make the whole process much longer and complex since you would have, for instance, to open each client's profile one by one to add the custom fields.


2 - Download the Template and Fill in the Data

2.1 - Download the Excel template. There you'll find two types of sheets - empty sheets to fill in with data and sheets with information (Clients, Groups, Loan Accounts, Savings Accounts and Chart of Accounts), such as IDs to be used as a reference when filling the others (Branches, Credit Officers, Centres, Loan Products and Savings Products)



You can easily differentiate the Empty Sheets because the cells with the titles are green while in the Reference Sheets they are grey.

Please note that only XLSX files are accepted for the validation process. Please make sure the file you upload is not the XLS format.


2.2 - Fill in the Data. You may choose to do it either manually from your old system, use mapping tools, or have someone to come over and assist you in the process.
To see more details about the excel file and how to fill it, click here.



3 - Validate the Excel File with your data. When the data you want to import is in the excel template, it's ready to be validated. This will make sure all the required fields were filled correctly.

To validate the data, save the excel file you filled before > click on Browse and choose that file > click on Validate Data.

If the validation is successful, i.e. if there are no errors in the file you submitted, you'll now be able to import the data.

In case there are some errors, you will get a notification message and an Excel file where you’ll find the errors (highlighted in red) and the comments about how to fix them. After correcting them, you can upload the file once again for validation and proceed with the import.

 Import Excel files need to be less than 5mb to be able to be imported successfully, if your file is larger please split it in different 5mb tranches.


4 - Import the Data. After the validation is done, and if no errors were found, click on Import Data.

When you do this an orange bar on the bottom of the screen will show you the data migration is in progress. The process won't be completed until you Approve the Import.

This intermediate state before the approval can be used to look at the data you have just uploaded into Mambu and see if everything is working correctly.



All the transactions you enter while the Data Migration is in progress will only be validated after you approve the import.


Approve Import

After looking at the data you have uploaded into Mambu and if everything is working as expected, you can confirm the import. To do so click on Approve Import > Confirm.



The orange bar will disappear from the bottom of the screen, showing you that the data migration is now totally completed.



Implications: The data will be permanently stored and will no longer be removable.


Revert Import

If you identify any mistakes while looking at your data when the migration is in progress, you can revert the process to correct it.

To revert the data migration click on Revert Import > Confirm.



In case you need to revert the import, all the data as well as any transactions you entered during this stage will be erased from the system.


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